Training Courses

Our pharmaceutical training courses based in Stevenage are available to the willing student, to see their skills in a variety of areas develop exponentially, readying them for a career in validation consultancy.


Equipment Validation/Facility Qualification Training

This course covers the main tenets of our primary service offering at Validation Network.  more  

Computer System Validation Training

This training course will equip you with the means to effectively identify necessary areas for improvement within the digital sphere of the company in question, develop and impleme...  more  

Utility Qualification – Water, Air and Gas Handling Systems

This course delivers detailed instruction on the effective and proper validation of water, air and gas handling systems.  more  

Cleaning Validation Training

This experience, garnered over combined decades, informs our training course for cleaning validation.  more  

Process Validation Training

Our team of practiced experts offer this course in the most effective methods of process validation, in addition to our validation services based in Stevenage.  more  

Sterilisation Validation Training

As part of our validation services based in Stevenage, we offer this training course to ensure that the validation engineers of tomorrow are equipped with the ability to effectivel...  more