Business Analysis Based in Stevenage



Services Available Nationwide and Throughout the EU

Our diversely-skilled team of pharmaceutical experts are able to provide comprehensive business analysis, as part of our validation services based in Stevenage. With decades of combined experience across various sectors of the medicinal and pharmaceutical industries, from manufacturing to R&D to systems implementation, our consultants are able to work closely with all relevant stakeholders. Together, we’ll undertake deep, complex audits of your business systems and processes and establish action plans to refine and improve your efficiency.

These services include:

  • User Acceptance Testing
  • “As Is” - “To Be” Models
  • UML
  • URS/FRS Generation
  • Project Scoping
  • Methodological Analysis
  • Mentoring
  • Workshop Facilitation
  • Process and Data Modelling
  • Issue and Risk Management
  • Development Program Definition



Expert Analysis, Informed by Experience

Our practiced experts can help you identify improvement areas and find the right solutions.


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