Equipment Validation and Facility Qualification Training



pharmaceutical validation Course Available Online, Nationwide

This course covers the main tenets of our primary service offering at Validation Network. Informed by decades of combined experience, our team of specialist instructors are able to administer a course that equips trainees with the necessary regulatory knowledge, as well as the ability to identify outdated or redundant systems and develop processes and systems to replace them.


This course is administered in accordance with the standards of our own validation services and includes:


  • Regulatory Basis for Equipment Validation
  • Quality Management Systems & Risk Analysis

+ Quality Management System Requirements

+ System Impact Assessment




  • Change Control
  • Conceptual Design

+ Validation Planning/Master Planning

+ User Requirement Specifications

+ Qualification Protocols

+ Calculations

+ Design Documents

+ Order Handling

+ Project Documents

  • System Description
  • Production/Installation
  • Operation
  • Interface to Technical Systems
  • Qualification

+ Design Qualification

+ Installation Qualification

+ Operation Qualification

+ Performance Qualification

+ Qualification Reporting

  • Good Documentation Practice

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Training Founded Upon Decades of Experience

Gain the skills required to effectively validate equipment and qualify entire facilities.


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